Finally Leonori2000 is pleased to introduce N-TOUCH, a revolutionary system that, without affecting the normal user habits and installer, allows the realization of sanitary systems in innovative ways.
With N-TOUCH Leonori2000 brings the technology factor in the system plumbing. By inverting the logic of the old plants, N-TOUCH realizes the management of the flow does not exit from the faucet, through the classic mixer, but at the start, in the exclusive smart valve that manages all the parameters of the supply.
The water arrives at the origin so adjusted only through a tube to the dispenser from which it flows according to the user requests. All it controlled by a simple touch on the display. The distribution system is thus never in pressure, eliminating the risk of flooding that characterize the conventional installations.
The advantages of N-TOUCH are multiple
1. The electronic system allows you to set the desired temperature, ensuring maximum comfort and simultaneously replacing all of the necessary anti-scald devices thermostatic traditionally installed;
2. Thanks to the overflow control settable depending on the different needs (default set to the value of 1/2 hour), N-TOUCH restricts water wastage linked to possible losses of utilities;
3. Not being pressurized, the distribution system is not subject to the flooding risk related to possible losses and averts the irreparable broken for ice formation;
4. Simplicity: intuitive controls make the system extremely convenient and suitable for every type of use. The installation is not difficult and is fully compatible with the classic equipment and professional installer;
5. The system optimizes the water supply by allowing a significant saving water and energy and minimizing consumption;
6. The cross-linked polyethylene pipe PEX-c is not affected by corrosion nor deposit of limestone characterizing the traditional metal piping and its removable from guarantees a remarkable ease of maintenance;
7. Compared to the old systems, the implementation of a single pipe of adduction allows to halve the amount of water predispositions, reduce traditional masonry work related to the installation and thus minimize production times;
8. The motorized valve closure is not affected by mechanical stresses due to water hammer;
9. Being free to move inside the corrugated tube, the distribution system is able to accommodate the natural movements of the structures related to deformation and to thermal changes, as well as to withstand the seismic vibrations.
10. The N-TOUCH system and seamlessly integrated into a home automation management system.

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