The full bidet toilet for the ultimate in comfort
A stream of light and delicate water
Intensity and temperature of the water jet adjustable
Features massage jet, jet feminine and swinging intimate hygiene
Intake of bad odors for a bathroom environment always fresh
Dryer to mild warm air
Remote individually adjustable
Seat and cover with automatic closure mechanism slowed
Alpine white
Geberit Aqua Clean 8000 plus offers everything you could want and more numerous other health functions to be added to the bidet function: the temperature and the jet intensity can be adjusted to suit your personal preferences.
The intermittent massage function produces an invigorating effect, while the gentle stream of feminine hygiene is ideal for ensuring personal hygiene mode in all sweetness. As soon as we accommodated on the toilet, you activate the suction of odors in the environment, creating a fresh and pleasant.
When the casting is interrupted, the integrated warm air dryer provides to dry yourself.
The final practical touch: all functions individually and preferences can be saved can be adjusted by remote control.

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