Leonori 2000 has been on the market since 1985. For more than thirty years, a family business that has always based its activities on the seriousness and professionalism, combined with the constant desire to offer its customers the best products and the best brands.
The Leonori 2000 operates throughout the Tuscan territory in the field of technological systems, with particular reference to consulting, implementation and maintenance of heating, air conditioning, hydro-sanitary, gas, fire, alternative energy, irrigation, civil engineering works, bathroom furniture, floors, walls, fixtures.
Specialized in the public sector and the private sector.
In the public sector has long gained registration with the National Association of Manufacturers and is in possession of SOA qualification (category OS3 ranking second, third category OS28 classification and category OG11 class II) also quality certificate ISO 9001: 2008.
Leonori 2000 can boast of providing qualified personnel and specialized, for civil and industrial installations.
The reliability and timeliness have enabled it to acquire an interesting market share for renovation projects and new public and private buildings, thanks, in particular, to the turnkey service and after sales service of our showroom.
Leonori 2000 at its headquarters one showroom of 800 square meters, one of a kind.
An exhibition dedicated to heating, to the flooring, furnishings and bathroom fittings, which often environments become crossroads of encounters between experience and professionalism, where the customer can make use of the expertise of industry experts ready to provide clarification, advice and free estimates.
We recall that our company, thanks to its experience in plant engineering, in just six days (registered trademark) business, is able to deliver the full bathroom plumbing, electrical and masonry work.


Company Profile

n.1 Sole Director
n.3 Responsible for the commercial and administrative offices
n.3 Responsible Showroom
n.1 Surveyor in charge of the technical
n.1 Surveyor in charge of purchases
n.16 Specialized Workers


Quality Certificate