The purposes of the installation of an environmental conditioning system are several: First, improve the people's physical well-being, maintaining the environmental conditions conducive to the proper storage of food and finally enable the correct operation of equipment, removing the heat generated by them and maintaining the temperature of the premises within allowable limits with respect to the technology used.
To achieve these objectives, it is necessary to design the system, knowing the seasonal values ​​of relative humidity and the local outdoor temperature, the volumes to be conditioned and the technical details useful to system sizing.
To obtain health conditions, optimum humidity and temperature both for homes and offices and work spaces, it is recommended the implementation of systems that combine the climate production and air treatment.
The setup run for a full dehumidifier summer-winter air conditioning system allows you to manage very practical to all these functions through a single system.


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Concerns within the limits specified in Article 118, paragraph 16, the supply, installation, operation and maintenance of a set of technological systems to each other and coordinated functionally interconnected, non-executable separately in categories of specialized works identified by the acronym OS 3 OS 5, OS 28 and OS 30.


Concerns the supply, installation and maintenance or restructuring of thermal plants and systems for climate conditioning, whatever their degree of importance, complete with all masonry work, or ancillary, to be carried out separately from the execution of others systems, in general works that have been completed or are under construction.