The heating types offered by us are: radiator systems, fan coils, radiant panels (floor or ceiling), heat pump, solar, wood and pellets.
There are different types of boilers, according to need, for example, in a condominium condensing boilers modulating can be combined together to replace condominium boilers, favoring a considerable energy saving; in a house it might want to install a boiler with computer and thermostat adjustable to the habits of the residents.
Our company also offers the installation of advanced heat pumps that allow you to more economically and effectively manage power plants; particularly suitable if you have a photovoltaic plant which may provide for the sufficient production of electricity.
The technologically advanced models allow to heat and cool without the use of boilers or other generators.


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Concerns within the limits specified in Article 118, paragraph 16, the supply, installation, operation and maintenance of a set of technological systems to each other and coordinated functionally interconnected, non-executable separately in categories of specialized works identified by the acronym OS 3 OS 5, OS 28 and OS 30.


Concerns the supply, installation and maintenance or restructuring of thermal plants and systems for climate conditioning, whatever their degree of importance, complete with all masonry work, or ancillary, to be carried out separately from the execution of others systems, in general works that have been completed or are under construction.