The bathroom furniture in recent years has become a protagonist, in our homes, like other environments.
The interior design is dedicating attention and care to the furniture design bathroom, experimenting with combinations of shapes and unusual materials.
No longer a place of service and nothing else, but a real room where start the day off right, making your energy, or where to end it in total relaxation, perhaps with a hot bath we levi of toxins, stress off , jitters.
Whatever the use we make of our bathroom, we have the duty and the pleasure, to make it comfortable and enjoyable as any other room in our house.
Let us dedicate ourselves carefully to bathroom, so as to create a wellness room tailored for us.
The choice that arises in the face is quite wide:
- We can opt for a bathroom furnishing program that includes the sink cabinet, shelves, hold-modules, a dressing table, all coordinated and made of the same material
- Or decide to completely customize our bathroom, creating tailor-made for us.
First we observe carefully the other rooms of our home and we try to choose the bathroom furniture in a style that does not deviate too much from that of other spaces.
If our house has a more modern look, even our bathroom will have a contemporary taste, conversely, if we love the classic, we'll give our service a touch of romance.
The health usually have standard dimensions, but forms that satisfy the tastes of all and therefore suited to define the personality of our bathroom to bathroom together.
If we decide to give our bathroom an air of romance, definitely the material of choice for our washbasin it is wood: a suitably treated floor where embed or place the sink.
Below it, to cover the siphon, a dresser for our objects: maybe we can choose to leave a half of our open under sink, so you can put your colored sponges through decor effect guaranteed with one door and close the other half of the cabinet, so as to take refuge vials, bottles, soaps, detergents.
Different will be our bathroom furniture to the room if we decide to give it a more contemporary touch: the chosen location for the plan to be a stone, a dark marble, but it's good enough a surface covered with mosaics, and the furniture chosen under sink must call up the shades of gray, steel, or otherwise be a flat, neutral color.
Ideally, a metal racks in sight, maybe that invokes the chrome heated towel rail where so much store towels, how to design boxes that hide inside them from the first aid kit, sponges for cleaning the bathroom.
It is not always possible to create a mobile around the sink, maybe because we are restructuring our room, or because the size of the bathroom do not allow it: you must then use the furniture, prefabricated solutions.
Some commercially available furniture under sink in the figures really laughable: round or square are placed under the sink and have a shape that 'wraps' the siphon, hiding it from view.
It can be metal, plastic, wood, and usually they have wheels, so as to allow to be moved for a thorough cleaning of the room.
They are children, usually, but still offer enough space to accommodate cans, bottles, hair dryer, brushes.
But if this solution does not convince us, and at another point of the bath have more space, we think you can put a real wardrobe: if we want a spiritual effect, we can choose metal, which recalls the old Office files, will be perfect for our contemporary bathroom, but if we opted for a romantic bath the solution is in the wooden cabinet, preferably combined with other species already present in the bathroom.
If we have an old dresser, it will be perfect, may stay above the toilet, otherwise we will have the excuse to have fun wandering around the markets and seek to effect recovery Mobile 'grandmother's attic' that will give our bathroom certainly that extra touch more.